Des Flammes à la Lumière Le plus grand spectacle d’Europe sur 14-18

Fête et Spectacle(s)
Dates :
  • Du 24/06/2022 à 22:00 au 23/07/2022 22:00

Des nouveautés époustouflantes en 2022

  • Une immersion visuelle et sonore au coeur des combats avec d’immenses projections en relief sur l’ensemble de l’espace scénique.

 Des scènes bouleversantes de vérité

  • La vie dans une tranchée allemande
  • Les pompiers dans Verdun incendié
  • Une fête foraine dans une ville d’arrière-front
  • La première bataille aérienne de l’histoire
  • Des scènes de bataille saisissantes

Des moyens techniques colossaux

Des effets spéciaux spectaculaires ; des projections d’images géantes ; des décors impressionnants ; 2 hectares d’espace scénique ; 250 acteurs ; 900 costumes ; 1000 projecteurs ; 40 km de câbles ; spatialisation du son.

A great emotional moment…
Three teenagers: A Belgian, a Frenchman and a German, all descendants of the 14-18 combatants, now find themselves in Verdun to participate in a show about the Battle of Verdun. Through their intertwined destinies and with the aid of 250 actors on stage, you will attend an unstoppable chain of events that will lead to the First World War. Right in the heart of the fighting, dive in with them into the “Verdun Inferno” and its everyday suffering and anguish.

Whether in the French or German trenches, the soldiers suffer the same fate: the cold, the mud, the lice and rats… sometimes with but a short break, the often futile nights haunted by bitter fighting.

Then we witness the drama of the civilians being evacuated and never again finding their village. And finally, the immense joy of the armistice: the happiness of regaine.

Then come the post-war years: The opening of the Douaumont Ossuary, the 1936 peace pact on the 20th anniversary of the Battle of Verdun; the pilgrimage of the last hairy.
The show ends with a handshake between the two French and German soldiers. The enemies of yesterday are the friends of today.

From War… to Peace
From the Flames… to the Light !


Life from within a Trench
The Firefighters in a burning Verdun
An annual fair in a Town at the Front
Reinforced battle scenes
The First Air Battle in History
The heartbreaking correspondence between Army Headquarters and those at the Front

New soundtrack with the voices of Professional Comedians
New Projections of giant images
New and impressive Stage settings
Even more spectacular Special Effects

• 2 hectares of Stage Area
• 250 Actors, 900 Costumes
• Spectacular Special Effects
• Projection of Giant Images

For a show that is strikingly realistic !


Adresse de l'évènement :

55100 VERDUN

Organisateur de l'évènement :

CONNAISSANCE DE LA MEUSE (Infos organisateur)